To My Theresa

On days like this or in times like these I wish to go back seven years

Back to when she almost killed me, my darkness, and my tears

I apologize, I’ll never know why I use so many words

Or why my greatest efforts are like seeds stolen by birds

I often daydream about the day I can call myself free

Or about some other life where you’re not too good for me

For just one night or time I wish was your heart was mine too keep

Laying in your arms, or for me, finally finding sleep

That being said, I hate how I always say the things I shouldn’t say

I hate how even the kindest of hearts regret giving me a moment of their day

I hate how my worth is lower than anyone would dream to guess

I hate how living is something I would love to do much less

This whole time I’ve been trying to get back to where I should’ve died

Not realizing I’ve made it to the Hell where the dead like me reside

But perhaps one glorious day I’ll digress to who I was

And on a whim I’ll find my end for many reasons or just because


2 thoughts on “To My Theresa”

  1. Life is too precious to lose it like this
    yours is too, even if you don’t believe
    there’s time to recover from the past
    and also time for lamenting & grieve
    you’re here now and you’re not alone
    don’t fall for the trap to be deceived
    if you need help, we can show you
    a happier way of how we must live.

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