conversations with love, how one-sided

conversations with love, how one-sided

Fires rage and heat travels between us,

What once was so passionate and even sexy,

Has tuned into a destructive force,

We argue and yell,

Only to hear our own displeasures screamed back,

How can you be the same person I fell in love with,

How can you think romantic, Valentines day gestures can fix what is broke so especially?

I don’t tell you everything and I never have

Ask yourself, when’s the last you made me laugh

It’s either a thousand questions or a million accusations

If you’re not angry I’m convinced you can’t carry a conversation

You highlight my lack of effort instead of highlighting you

Take out the titles and tell me what exactly it is you do

“I just feel like” Aka your motto and most said line

God forbid your feelings ever come second to mine….
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