Miracles make saints and oppression breeds villains

While you pray I ask God for His name again

They say He doesn’t play favorites so then explain life

Tell why some live in Hell and others have a good job and wife

Explain Your goodness to those born in darkness

Give us Your reason for why we’re cursed while others are blessed

Why do You choose to love some and torture others

What good is Your by chance blessings to me and my brothers

They say You take no pleasure in our suffering, apparently your feel our pain

But last I checked You did nothing when this world drove us insane


2 thoughts on ““God””

  1. I like your allusion to Cary Fagan’s novel, “Valentine’s Fall” – and wonder how your blog lives out Valentine? More to the point, I chew on your unanswerable questions in “this world driving us insane”. My feeble response (not that you’re asking) is this little excerpt by Dorothy Day (early 20th century) on “the mystery of the poor” (https://rhfoerger.wordpress.com/2018/06/22/the-mystery-of-the-poor/) who herself had a host of tough questions as she worked for justice in an unjust world. Let us know if you get any answers.

    1. The funny part about my name is when I came up with it I had no idea Fagan’s novel existed. It was just a couple of years ago that I realized there was a book called Valentine’s Fall. Our interpretation of the name is definitely different.

      I appreciated her view of the less fortunate. It was poetic. But, although it makes sense that’s just not the reality I or those around me live in.

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