In Conclusion

In the conclusion of my last days I’ve realized certain things

People will never love one another more than they love what money brings

The poor will only remain the poor because of us

We’re all hell bound despite the God we claim to trust

Legends come and go and few ever notice or remember

We say the word “love” meanwhile our hearts are as cold as December

We do not reach out to those we know are in need

We do not help those in distress out of personal interest and greed

Yet we cry at funerals as God Himself asks why

Had we truly been loving would those we claim to love die

I was bred in rejection and raised in pain

Darkness was my only comfort when I felt as though I’d go insane

What the scriptures said has turned out to be true

“The day you die is better than the day you were born”, therefore I bid this life adieu


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