A Wayward Son’s Last Prayer

My God, I have lost my value in this world

The light of my lamp has gone out

How far I’ve fallen from grace and glory

I spend my last days in utter gloom and doubt

My sins outweigh my good deeds

My transgressions overshadow my righteousness

And to think I was once Your disciple

Walking in Your mercy; holy, and blessed

But resentment from my past possessed me

The meaninglessness of this life gripped me tight

And I rebelled against The Lord my Father

Drowning my sorrows in wine every night

In my lack of purpose I lost my way

I searched for relief in all types of women

A deep darkness covered my mind

And I embraced recklessness and sin

Now my day of judgement has arrived

The day of my destruction is here

I have grieved The Holy Spirit for long enough

No longer will I disgrace The One I should fear

How can my sins be forgiven now

Who can save me from My Father’s wrath

For His anger is like a lion who’s found his prey

He will not show mercy or turn away from his path

My Lord and My God have grace and mercy on my soul


3 thoughts on “A Wayward Son’s Last Prayer”

  1. Dude, this writing talent that you have is an immense blessing! I feel moved whenever I read any of your stuff. This made me think of the song, “Who’s gonna save my soul” by Gnarls Barkley. It’s about love, but it popped in my head because of the idea of not making it to heaven

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