Edgar Allen Plath

Family and friends read my work and try to do the math

Equations that can only be solved with a razor and warm bath

Daydreaming about a life I don’t have, a harsh truth for many

“Whatever happens, happens”, the mindset of plenty

Blessed and cursed with poetry, I’m officially 3k deep

The Raven resurrected, I’m Edgar and Sylvia while you sleep

Praying the Lord my soul to keep, I’m the greatest they’ll never know

Another point these thoughts and demons just won’t let go

But maybe they’re right, maybe I am mad

Maybe all my struggles were fate, and maybe throwing in the towel is the only choice I had


One thought on “Edgar Allen Plath”

  1. Throwing the towel
    is not the only option
    is not the only choice
    don’t give in to it
    shine brightly
    as bright as you can
    don’t hear that voice
    with what you have
    do the best you can
    and with the fruits
    of your harbor
    sit back, relax
    smile and rejoice.

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