White America

Living around people who love fifty shades of grey

But are ready to send any shade of black back but to Africa today

But hey, at least we’re making America great again

I know it was built on slavery and murder but Israel is our friend

The chosen people responsible for your Lord and Savior’s end

Meanwhile I give respect to MLK but praise Malcolm X

And regret ever having WGS and dating my conservative ex

Riddled with systematic addictions and sin

But somehow I keep ending up a liberals one “black friend”

My only hope in our God and the lottery

What I wouldn’t do for white people to look up to me

God bless all your Nazis and white supremacists

But god forbid these white people ever get called terrorists


16 thoughts on “White America”

  1. First of all, white people defeated the Nazis.
    Please educate yourself, you are not a victim if you are fortunate enough to live in the United States.
    The fact that you correlate “white people” and “terrorists” is disgusting and dishonest, you need to learn what the definition of racist is, because you’re exactly that. Shame on you.

    1. And nazis were white people…. lol Furthermore, racism has to do with economic oppression. I’m not oppressing anyone here. No black person is. Go educate yourself please.

      1. Nazis being white has nothing to do with the way you use that term; you’re using it as a synonym for white supremacy or racism, and that’s not what that word means. Europeans were predominantly white at that time, of course the Nazis were white, what is your point? Skin color is not an ideology.

        Economic oppression is a figment of the far-left’s imagination. No group has been oppressed in the US for a very long time.

        Victimhood does not make you cool or woke, it is lazy and dishonest. Grouping whites together in an attempt to raise blacks from some made up oppression does not work. It is used up and tired and Americans are sick of hearing it.

        Your comments are extremely racist and you come off as an entitled bigot.

        Democrats and the far left are attempting to enslave the black community with this brainwashed crap you’re spewing, but you don’t have to take part in that ignorant indoctrination, at this point your ignorance is a choice.

      2. I’m curious, since you label white people as terrorists – do you also consider the crisis of black men killing each other as terrorism? Because blacks should really be focusing on that as a source of terrorism in their communities, if anything.

      3. You clearly didn’t read my poem and take the time to understand it. I’m not dem or republican. I can’t stand the left or right. “These white people” in my poem are referring to Nazis and white supremacist. That’s all. I don’t hate all white people. My best friend who I call my brother is white. My poem was literally about racism and that’s all. I know you don’t know me personally so all the lines seem one way to you but if you knew me you’d understand certain lines a little differently.

      4. But the Nazi party was defeated in 1945. And white-supremacy is an irrelevant philosophy because it makes no difference to policy or the lives of nonwhites. I have lived in the south since birth and never in my life have I met a single white-supremacist that I know of.

        This obsession with racism needs to stop, the United States is by far the best place for nonwhite people to live. The majority of what you said I found offensive, and if you don’t want blacks to be grouped together and labeled and reduced to their lowest common denominator, then you should refrain from doing that to whites.

        Do you ever speak about the violence that blacks are committing against each other? Or are you too busy thinking about made up racism?

      5. Every race kills each other. Look it up. You only see all the black statistic because this country is RACIST. I was born and raised in the south as well and I’ve met and seen a couple of white supremacist. You sincerely need to do some research on what racism is. You sound so ignorant. You’re basically trying to tell me the sky isn’t blue. But I get it, conservative White Girl from the south. I expect this from people like you. Y’all hate being told about yourselves. There’s also no reason why a poem written by someone you don’t know and have never met should bother you this much. You’ve spent way too much time with this

      6. Wow your wilfull ignorance is worse than I thought. Statistics are not racist, blacks are killing at the highest rate and have been for a very long time.

        You saying “conservative white girl” does not dismiss anything I have to say; I am not conservative and I am not white, but even if I were, that would not make my views worth less than yours. That is a very racist statement (how does it feel?).

        It bothers me because it is highly untruthful and it is pushing identity politics. I could easily say “I get, far-left black boy”.

        You are extremely entitled and an absolute bigot for suggesting that I am a racist/white-supremacist simply because I call out false claims of racism. YOU are the racist.

        Why do you choose to live in a place that you believe is somehow oppressive of blacks? Why choose to be a victim? Then again, “I expect this from people like you.” (liberals).

      7. You’ve dismissed yourself because you refuse to do actual research and acknowledge a very real and obvious issue in this country. At this point it’s just insults and empty statements. You’re not even paying attention to what’s being said anymore, you make no sense. For example, I’ve already told you I’m not dem or republican; I don’t like the left or the right. Yet here you are calling me liberal. I appreciate all your zeal, passion, and emotion. It reminds me of how you all describe liberals. It’s interesting. Y’all, the left and right, are literally the same type of people just on opposite ends of the spectrum…

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