Hard Feelings

Lately all my daydreams end up being about God

Like, “where are you, can you hear me, and please spare the rod”

Like this depression isn’t a facade, I sincerely need Your help

It’s not easy taking the blame and putting everyone’s wrongs on yourself

The stress is effecting my health, my blood pressure is high

Half of it is anger issues and the other half is just me trying to get by

Contemplating on just saying bye but I know Hell is real

And I know unforgiveness is still the root of everything I feel

Begging God to make me a deal, “pay them back and you can have my soul”

Is it bad that shitting on everyone who shit on me is my biggest goal


One thought on “Hard Feelings”

  1. God always hears you
    you know it in your heart
    when you think he is out
    trust he’s making his part.

    It is difficult to forgive
    once you have done it
    you will feel the relive.

    Sure you can try revenge
    using your mind to plan
    circumstances to arrange.

    A thing I want to make clear
    I want you to know this day
    while you think this as a goal
    vengeance is never the way.

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