Baker Pt.3

You’re the most beautiful thing on this side of Mississippi

Off looks alone you’re too good for your ex and me

You gave him your all and now you don’t think much of yourself

Now every conversation we have never concerns anything about myself

You’ll never admit it but I promised I’d never judge you

The things I’d say if I could just be honest with you

If only you weren’t so insecure and defensive

If only I wasn’t so brutally honest and dismissive

If I had three wishes the first would probably be for your heart

Please don’t ask me why ‘cause I wouldn’t know where to start

I also don’t want you to get a big head and start acting different

I really hate when you assume what I really meant

I know by now there probably isn’t a compliment you haven’t heard

But whatever I’m too scared to say and promise, just know you have my word


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