I tried to tell em I was the next Ye

Like Gaga I was just born this way

Over three thousand rhymes written by me

Some of y’all are late to the party

Yeah I’ve written about my mom and dad

Yeah the blood is boilin’ and bad

They keep sayin’ I need deliverance

They’re convinced demons have me convinced

That there’s no other way but to wild out

And cuss everyone talkin’ down out

A son of God but addicted to sin

I’ll probably be in county by next weekend

That is unless I try suicide again

Jump off a building and hope Heaven let’s me in


3 thoughts on “Problematic”

  1. Don’t like to go down like that
    I prefer the elevator or the stairs
    a problematic situation you have
    worse if you think nobody cares.
    Seek help and you shall find it
    if deliverance you need, you’ll know
    accept you have beauty in your soul
    better to manage the addiction
    you’ll start to get better and happier
    joy in your life is my last prediction.

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