In Your Head

I just want someone who I can say inappropriate things to

And I want that person to be you

I want you to think about me as you rub your clit

I want you to imagine me inside of you as you moan for me not to quit

Call my name as you get closer to your climax

Pretend it’s so good the sounds you’re making couldn’t be an act


18 thoughts on “In Your Head”

      1. It’s fine. There’s a list of poets who hate me because of how literal I am in my work. I don’t write for the deep thinker and academics alone, I write for people who just simply like to read too and a simple rhyme.

    1. It was definitely an interesting exchange of words. 🙄 Sometimes I really wonder how more plain I can be. I’m literally the most literal poet, who doesn’t rap, ever. Lol

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