Former Family and Friends

So many people walking around talkin’ about how they’re blessed

Meanwhile there’s some shit I need to get off my chest

Got into an argument with this girl tonight and we both swear we’re right

When honestly we’re both just tired of goin’ to sleep alone at night

Meanwhile I still think about how things went down with Mari

Wondering if I should reach out or just wait for her to say sorry

But at this point I know it’ll never come even if things with her man don’t go well

Three years of work gone, who’s really your friend, it’s getting harder to tell

And then there’s my dad and his side with their lies

They say it’s all love but people are still choosing sides

And even when they don’t it’s awkward and far from the same

I never thought my own blood would throw so much dirt on my name

Meanwhile The Lord says, “Now you see how it feels”

Told nothing but the truth and got em’ all in their feels

Now I’m sick and need help, now they swear someone wants to hurt you

Now you won’t come back to the city because you swear someone is after you

Meanwhile all I ever wanted was you to be honest with yourself

And leave all that ego and black Israelite shit on the shelf

But instead I pray that when God deals with you He shows some grace and mercy

Funny how you treat me like your biggest enemy when the only one praying for you is me


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