The Topic of Conversation

Lately I’m handlin’ all the arguments with logic and precision

Pourin’ up knowing it’s probably not the best decision

Gettin’ in my feels and sweatin’ when it finally kicks in

I’m just tired of hearing about convos where I’m mentioned

Debating on suicide for the last time again

Do I deserve this or is this just payback for my sins

I never thought my biggest enemies would be my family and friends

Wonderin’ what life could be like after all this ends

It’s a lot being your circle’s popular topic and trend


2 thoughts on “The Topic of Conversation”

  1. Maybe everybody has wonder
    how it would be if this gets to an end
    but life can be so beautiful
    I’m telling you as a friend
    In this short poem,
    with these words that I did send
    will help with your mind and heart
    you make all the necessary amend.

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