Liquid Courage

Trying my best to carry on this conversation

Even though my welcome is well passed its expiration

I know you said poetry really isn’t your thing

But outside of rhymes I’m not really good for anything

So here I am tipsy and vulnerable

Trying my best to be honest without causing trouble

You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve met in a while

No lie every message you send somehow makes me smile

But before you get uncomfortable just know this

I’m well aware that I’m not the type of guy you’ll ever miss

Knowing myself I can honestly say I’d never ask you out

It’s nothing personal outside of my own fear and doubt

You’re the type of girl I’d like to take on proper date

But I’ll probably be dead or in jail at my current rate

I know I don’t know you and you don’t know me

But since I met you I can’t stop trying to be what I think you’d wanna see

Is that weird, is that too much

Is that odd considering I’m not familiar with your touch

Either way at the end of the day this the only thing I can say

You’re the type of girl that makes me wish I was worth the time of day


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