To The Girl I Haven’t Met Yet

Whoever you are and wherever you might be
Just know I’m waiting for you to fall love in with me
I just wanna take you on a date and kiss you at the end
If you don’t do that on the first one I’ll just pretend to be your friend
I’ll be patient and wait until you give me a sign
Then I’ll make my move and kiss you like you’re already mine
Afterwards, I’ll look you in your eyes and ask you to be my girl
I’ll promise you my heart and whatever I can take from the world
Assuming you say yes I’ll grab your hand and led you back to my place
When we get there I’ll offer you a seat on my face
I’ll give you whatever you want and however you like it
I’ll go and go until you’ve had enough and beg me to quit
Then I’ll hold you like it might be my last chance
We’ll tell each other our secrets and let our hearts dance
Eventually, you’ll fall asleep and I’ll thank the good lord for you
Then I’ll join you in this dream that finally came true


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