“I don’t want no weak ass white woman”

It always perplexes me at how weak white women are
It’s like any type of confrontation leaves them traumatized and scarred
God for forbid you ever end up in a real situation with one
Good luck homie, she’s bailing, fuck all that shit about you being the one
For example, they say and do whatever they want but slip up and raise your
They’re grabbing their keys and leaving like they didn’t have a choice
Like how dare you talk to them like that, their daddy said to show some respect
Even though she just called you out your name but that’s just something you have to accept
And all this coming from women who swear up and down they’re real feminists
Out there marching for equal rights and calling every man they see a misogynist
But do we really hate all women or just women like you
Last time I checked we still called black girls queen, sorry boo
But now I get why you try your best to look like them even though you hate them
Nowadays those thin ass lips and stick figures are a real problem
Not to mention they’ve been through real shit and can still hold their own
Meanwhile y’all sit behind closed doors with “anxiety” about ending up alone


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