A Fleetwood Mac song name
I really hate how easily you go insane
Sometimes I can’t tell if you like the games
Or if you’re just a narcissist simple and plain
A dozen unread messages and missed calls
I should’ve told you pride comes before every fall
Now you’re breaking down and wanna die young
Now just doing whatever you want isn’t so fun
I tried to warn you, I tried to my best to get through to you
But as usual, I’m just another guy you like, I’ll be never the one
But I’m still here if you need me, I’ll always be here
I miss your smile, so perfect, beautiful and clear
There isn’t a moment I don’t wish you were here
My beautiful old lady, my baby, my dear
If only you would let me be there for you
If only it wasn’t too late when you realize it’s not all about you
But it’s not over yet, just hold on a little longer my love
I know it’s hard right now and it feels like you’ve had enough
But it’s gonna be okay, you have me for any time times get rough


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