Missing The Queen

You’ve been hurting, you’ve been crying
If I said I didn’t wanna be there holding you I’d be lying
I’ve been trying to help but I just know too much
And to think there’d be a day when I didn’t miss your touch
My best friend asked me how come you can’t just be real
He thinks you play too many games with how I feel
It’s like you’re to me what he was to you
It’s like no matter what I say nothing gets through
You said you were sad and just wanted to be alone
Like you’re not the girl that lives on her phone
We used to be so honest with each other now it’s all just white lies
Now it’s just me calling you out and you with that sad look in your eyes
How’d we get here and do we get back
You used to light up my day now it’s all pitch black
I wanna get back to daydreaming about how much my family would love you
And I want you to be honest and open with me like you used to
I miss my Day and my queen
I miss you


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