What You Deserve

What if told you-you could do better for yourself
What if I told you-you’re not a trophy for just any old shelf
Would you listen, would you take my advice
Would you finally let my love be your new vice
We’ve been fighting for hours, scratch that, days
About rather or not you should be so forgivin’ of this nigga’s ways
And we’re not even gonna get to your trash ass friends
I feel your pain and I just wanna know when it ends
I love you too much to keep hearing that you’ve been cryin’
You deserve more than all these people actin’ like they’re tryin’
You deserve to be made love to not just routine sex
You deserve better than your current man and your ex
You deserve a kiss on the lips and a “I love you” every morning and night
You deserve flowers and candy after every single fight
You deserve both arms and a shoulder every time you cry
You deserve random acts of love without a reason why
You’ve done too much and been through much more
You don’t deserve to feel like you’re not beautiful anymore
You deserve the kingdom, the throne, and the crown
We should all have to beg for permission just to come around

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