For Entertainment Purposes Only

A nigga like talkin’ real slick through texts from your phone
Like my boys won’t catch that nigga when he home all alone
Born and raised in Gunrise with cousins from Bamelot
Aka Camelot but real Bloods don’t really talk a lot
They just pull up on you when you least expect it
You’ll never see it comin’, the way they move is perfect
I tried to tell you to tell that nigga to chill
Now he got you cryin’ and shit is about to get real
Punk ass Mexican Asian, tell that nigga to say all that shit to my face
Bet we’ll deal with that nigga without leavin’ a single trace
He really think he can just shit on you and Imma just chill
Nigga best believe when we find him he’ll pay for how he made you feel


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