The Curse and The Gift

I’d rather die having you than die after I’ve lost you
Just in case you’re wondering why I blocked you
I know he knows now so this also for his safety
The demonic side of me has no problem taking him with me
I don’t know what’s happening to me, I can’t block out the voices
They’re inside of me, they’re talking as me and making choices
Haven’t you ever wondered why artists always talk about the devil and demons
Haven’t you ever wondered why we act like God isn’t our friend
Think about all your favorite rappers and singers
J Cole, Kendrick, Biggie, etc… none of us were winners
We have a gift that can’t be explained and reasoned
Don’t you think that comes with demons who have been around and seasoned
We’re tortured day in and day out
You think you know pain but you have no idea what Hell is all about
You call people like me and your brother special and gone too soon
But tell me, what else do you know aside from what you assume
Demons are real and they love people like us
They love that we don’t have anyone that we can really trust
They rejoice at the fact that none of you will ever understand
It makes the voices in our heads louder and our deaths according to plan


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