Ever since I met you I’ve been talkin’ the Good Lord
I’ve been watchin’ out for any sign or Word
You might not believe me but I’ve proven enough to you
I’ve done more than enough to prove that there’s nothing I won’t do
It’s true, I don’t think you deserve an ounce of respect
I’ve been trying my best to convince myself that you’re worth it
But you haven’t kept a single word you swore
You haven’t tried to make an effort or do anything more
I know you love to blame me for everything we say
But it’s just disappointing considering you used to make my day
You get in your feelings and try to discredit me
Like you haven’t been my love and every word of my poetry
You don’t like to admit your shortcomings but you know I’m not lying
You know I adore you and I’ve really been trying
You can block me and pretend like I’m not worth it
But just remember I was the one who loved you and swore you were worth it
I just can’t believe you would throw everything away so easily
And act like it was all just because of me
Like I don’t write poems for you every night
Like I’m not the one that settles every fight
I bought you flowers and candy and you’re not even mine
I just believe we were meant to know each other till the end of time
I may not like you much right now but I’ll always love you
I’ll always pray for the day we do what other couples do
God didn’t just cross our paths for no reason
You weren’t meant to just be here for half of a season


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