For My Day

Being around you feels safe, it feels like home
It feels like for once I’m not alone
You give me a reason to fight and survive
Without you, I’m not sure I’m happy to be alive
But I feel like my time is running out
I feel like I’m just a few days from finding a way out
Meanwhile, you’ve been working nonstop
Shifts seven days a week, when does it stop
On top of that, your heart has been hurting
You keep busy to distract yourself but it’s not working
I know there’s nothing I can do to change your past
I know I can’t make the little happiness have last
But I just need you to know that you’re everything to me
And it hurts to see go through this pain so casually
I just wanna hold you and let your heart cry
I wanna wipe the tears away, tell you you’re perfect, and why
I wanna lay with you and remind you my heart and soul are yours to keep
I wanna caress your face and tell you how precious you are till you fall asleep


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