I’m trash

You’re a queen, my confidant, and my friend
I swear to The Father and The Son I’ll never hurt you like that again
You finally let me in and all my insecurities came out
It went from loving everything about you to questions, fear, and doubt
You’re not responding but I know you can relate and understand
Nothing about that argument was planned
Texting “I can’t lose you” with tears in my eyes
Knowing good and well you think everything I’m saying is lies
How’d I go from writing you poems to begging you to come back
How’d our hearts go from warm and soft to cold and black
I miss you so bad I just want everything about me to end
I’ll do anything just to make you smile and hug you again
Until then the only thing I can say is it’ll never happen again and I’m sorry
You don’t have to prove how much you care your hurt just showed me
How’d I mess up the best I ever had and why is this nothing new
I might never know the answer but I do know I’ll never stop fighting for you


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