Just excuse me, I’m gonna be inappropriate for a minute
You know the vibes, the music is playin’, lets get into it
Even though you already know where I’m comin’ from
Yeah yeah, you got a man, but don’t play dumb

It’s a two a.m. and all I can see is your body
It’s light brown as it sits on top of me
My tongue is trying its best to keep pace
As you shamelessly ride my face
These late night hours are all about you
Our bodies move in sync like it’s nothin’ new
You’re used to having sex but tonight I’m making love
I’m giving you as much as want, just tell me when you’ve had enough
Kissing you from your lips down to your thighs
We always say we’re friends but your moans are telling no lies
Tonight you’re mine and mine alone
Tonight I’m homeless and inside of you is home


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