For All My “Accepting and Loving” People

Alright, I’m calm now, that’s enough about you
But I do wanna take this time to address a lot of people like you

Stop preaching love and acceptance
When you don’t have any for yourself
I know it’s trendy and you wanna look like a good person
But when shit really hits the fan you are no fucking help
Matter of a fact most of the time you just make it worse
Do you know how it feels to believe in you and your lies
Just to hit a bad low and have you phonies bail, it hurts
So we appreciate your media-inspired image
But you and we know good and damn well you don’t care
You here for the highs but when the lows come you’re gettin’ outta there
You never even bother to check in or up on us
We’re just left here wondering why you were the one we decided to trust
End of the day the only person you care about is the one in the mirror
But it’s okay, we accept it, that’s just how narcissus are
Just don’t come over here with that bullshit, matter of a fact stay very far
Just keep using “working on yourself” as an excuse for not doing what you could
Enjoy being depressed over your IG fame, we’re cool over here, we’re good


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