Talk that shit

I’m about to talk reckless on this one
I just wish I could see your faces when it’s done

Tell Justina I’ll be waiting for her apology
Tell her to stop bein’ pussy and unblock me
Oh are you uncomfortable, are you still tryin’ to make yourself better
Are you still gettin’ spicy because it’s officially winter weather
Tell me somethin’, how many times did you ask me about me
How many times did I show signs of bein’ crazy
I was my flawed self one time and you dipped out
To be expected from just another narcissist, no doubt
And please post about not being ashamed for focusing on yourself
Just FYI you can work on yourself and still care about someone other than
But by all means be that typical white girl bitch
By all means, air out my laundry, I know by now you have the itch
My issue and complaint is the same as it was the first time
You’re just another insecure pretty girl who seems like she’s worth the time


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