“Advocates for mental health”

“I’m mentally ill” meaning my sickness is being randomly crazy
Also meaning I don’t really know what else you were expecting from me
At any given time the extremes highs can turn into intense lows
It’s called being manic depressive and having an episode
Just a little FYI for all those self-proclaimed mental health allies
Don’t side with us and then get nervous when we say we just wanna die
I’m so tired of trying to hide my struggles from some of you people
Yes I’m crazy and yes I’m different; I’m separate but equal
Do you know how many times I’ve been abandoned by quote on quote friends
People I would’ve supported and been there for till the very end
Do you honestly think I like waking up and being me
Do you really think I wanted you to see all of my crazy
If I could be anyone else but me believe me I would
I’d gladly be just another average Joe if I could


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