Like Why


I just caught a DWI case, God please tell me why
My tire blew out and I swerved off the road, I mean why lie
I wasn’t drunk, fuck I’m the one who called the cops
But somehow I’m at the 401 behind bars and steel locks
I make bail and get back to my shitty ass life
I’m talkin’ workin’ at a grocery store trying to afford a potential wife
Then it’s the court date and the prosecutor is being a dick
I’d fight the charge but the court-appointed is acting they have somethin’ that’ll stick
So another court date is given and I’m back out on the streets
But nothing good comes of it, turns out the only girl I wanted is taken
I’m starting to wonderin’ if all of this is happening for some random ass sin
I mean I just lost everything including the girl of dreams
She wasn’t even real but I guess the Good News isn’t how it seems
It’s still Good News but only to twelve and everyone who hates me
So here I am tryin’ to drink myself to death, like “Okay God, so this how it be?”

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