Self-medicatin’ with the bottle and risky drunk texts
Whatever happens, happens but it’s all about what happens what next
Daydreams about being born white with blue or green eyes
Thinkin’ about how my high school crushes would’ve spared me the lies
“You’re a good guy but I’m just not lookin’ for anything right now”
“My ex really fucked me up, I wanna be with you I just don’t know how”
Then I start the daydreams about what would happen if I hit the lotto
I’d probably pay off all my debts and finally let my past go
Then hire an expensive lawyer to get rid of this DWI
Buy and customize a Tacoma and move to the Chi
Join All Nations Worship Assembly and finally meet Stevenson
Let God reveal my skeletons to him and finally become somebody’s son
Then maybe I’d hang up the bottle and depression for good
Get in shape and finally serve the Most High the best that I could

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