To Laney


Do you know it feels to know I’ll never be good enough
Not for you or anyone else I could potentially fall for or love
I’m officially a criminal and me and my luck are to blame
I don’t know how I got here but I know nothing will ever be the same
Drinking for the pain and to silence my demons
But then the morning comes and it’s back to wishing my life would end
You’ve been nothing but an angel and a friend and I appreciate it
I don’t have a lot nowadays, it’s funny how bad news and “good” people don’t fit
But even though you’ve been so great talking to you still hurts
I always wanted you, I used to daydream about the day I finally broke my curse
And I had a fair shot at the type of girl I usually only see my dreams
In a perfect world I’m the guy you want and everything is as good as it seems


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