I want what I want but I don’t wanna work for it
Because knowing me none of it will turn out to be worth it
It’ll be fun the first couple of nights but then I’ll be classic me and quit
I don’t do it on purpose, me and “true love” just don’t ever fit
But you don’t want me anyway, don’t believe me but trust me
You don’t want someone who just had to pay bail to be free
It’s funny but sometimes I wish I would’ve stayed the old me
The womanizer who was obsessed with who he could be
Now I’m just a far cry from the guy you thought would make you happy
You blame it on me and my ways and I can’t and won’t argue
You found love in a cold place but I still think about you
I wish you could just overlook the things I used to and currently do
And just focus on all the little things I did to get through to you
Now I’ll never deserve you or anyone from my past
I’m so ashamed I’ve been wishing every day was my last
From you to my high crush, I’ve set up camp in the past
What I would do for another chance to have something that’ll last


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