Lucy, aka Lucille with the fun-sized body
And that’s not a knock or a judgment I just call what I see
The first time I saw you I thought cute face, long hair, and a big ass
I knew I was just another customer but god damn did I wanna ask
Ask if you just wanted to chill and maybe have a strong drink
Maybe watch some dramatic ass movie that made us think
I had the whole night planned out lowkey
We’d drink some and I’d say some deep smart shit to get you into me
But then you told me you had a man and all those daydreams died
It was a nice try even though I never got the chance to say I tried
Then we became co-workers and the situation got worse
It seems like I always end up friends with the girls I want, it’s a curse
What’s worse is I still can’t stop thinking about making a move
But what happens if you don’t like my vibe or feel my groove
Now it’s awkward and I can’t go to that side of the store
But if you’re really as down as I think don’t trip about me wanting more


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