The God


There was once this god
He couldn’t die but he’d never been alive
He’d spend his days asking other gods for the meaning of everything
But none of them knew and only told him lies

Then one day he gave up his powers and came to life
He desperately just wanted to feel something
He spent every waking hour doing jobs he didn’t care for
All in hope of giving his existence some meaning

Well, months and then years went by
And the god still couldn’t feel anything or find meaning
So one night after drinking a thousand bottles of wine
He passed out and spent the rest of eternity dreaming


2 thoughts on “The God”

  1. A very compact story, but I think I got the point. Too bad that this God didn’t find out what he was looking for. We humans with our little understanding have a tremendous capacity to find out the truth in our short span of life. If we know how to look out for it!

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