My Kaitie Kate


You probably don’t wanna hear anything I have to say but fuck it
You keep trying to push me away but I care way too hard to quit
Roll up another one while crack open another one
And let’s just vibe out to some Russ and the summer sun
Blow all the stress away while I tell how fucking cute you are
Let me distract from your ex and how she left a big ass scar
Forget all these niggas and just let me make you laugh
Vent all the bullshit while you smoke the last half
We’ve had our problems but now just wanna hold you
I just wanna make you believe you’re still worth it no matter what you do
You’ll probably just disregard and take advantage of this
But there’s a reason why I always come back, you’re someone I’ll always miss
I just wish all my care and affection could make and brighten your day
I just wish it was it harder for you to leave than always throw everything away


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