Sunrise Pronouced Gunrise


Born and bred in a place called Sunrise
But to me and my niggas it was known as Gunrise
Home to certified Bloods and Latin Kings
A place where the goons had all the nice things
Playing Madden with bars on the windows
Talking shit about skill and smashing Hispanic hoes
All while microwaving Ramen in the Tupperware
We didn’t know any better, we thought Heaven was there
We thought all we needed was rims and a crazy ass Mexican girl
That was everyday life, that was our world
Other neighborhoods thought we were dangerous
Truth be told if we didn’t know you there was nothing to trust
Get caught slippin’ talking about you got lost
Show up to the trap acting like that weed don’t cost
And find yourself bleeding out on a Sunrise street
Staring at the sky looking for the God you’re about to meet


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