Fooled My Twice


I packed my shit and moved to CO a couple of months ago
I just wanted to start over and let my past go
It was all alcohol and weed at first
Then the addictions starting getting worse
Bills never got paid and sixty days passed
Then an unlawful detainer put us out on our ass
I had no idea and found out two days before
My cousin had been telling me it was all good and to ignore the papers on the door
Now I’m back at my momma’s crib filling out applications
Trying to keep my distance to avoid annoying questions and conversations
Shit like where my life is going and what my plan is
Like when are you gonna get your own place and have some kids
Meanwhile, that nigga is off living his best life
Fucking bitches swearing to God he’ll never have a wife
That lying ass nigga fucked me over good
Sold my car for that move thinking it was all gonna be good
Now I’m stranded at this fucking house all day
Contemplating just saying fuck it and drinking my life away


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