I accept your apology with a lack of forgiveness
You don’t have to own the real wrongs but God was our witness
Don’t text me when you read this, I don’t wanna hear from you again
This is me putting all of this bullshit to an end
I broke it down to you twice but you still don’t wanna admit it
Related by blood but you’re just someone I happened to end up with
Honor your father and mother, I’m dreading the aftermath
But just remember, fathers, do not provoke your sons to wrath
Our days are coming but it is what it is
I just don’t hope I’m not repaid with my own kids
I hate that I can’t forgive, you’re not worth the judgment
You’re not worth anything life-changing or permanent
You don’t wanna hear it but it’ll never change until you do
Until then keep your alleged convictions between God and you
Until then keep your delusion and denial and give me my distance
There’s’ no coming back but I do admire your half ass persistence
I wish you well, be blessed and God’s speed
You’re just far from being someone I’ll ever respect or need


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