An Apology To A Real Feminist


You’re so down to earth, you’re so perfect
But I’m just another guy, which means far from worth it
I used to try to fight your feminists’ views
But when I think about it I was the one who needed a clue
I tried to stereotype you but girl was I wrong
I applaud you for sticking around this long
Not once did I ever try to put myself in your shoes
Instead, I blamed it on alleged failed relationships and daddy issues
Maybe it’s true maybe it’s not
Regardless you deserve respect rather men like it or not
I’m sorry for giving so many typical guy responses
I’m sorry this is the only way I can be honest


8 thoughts on “An Apology To A Real Feminist”

      1. Please don’t talk to me like this a business meeting. Lol You’re work is kind sexual too. I’m sexual sometimes but for the most part I’m depressed. Just don’t overthink it, please. None of this is that serious.

      2. Eh, it’s difficult in that writing to me is very serious.
        I am speaking in the way I speak 🤷‍♀️ I’m not meaning to sound cold or business like, those words get most accurate and articulate I think.

        I don’t really believe truly in over thinking 😉 one can’t possibly thin too much.
        Here’s the thing, there have been times in my internet experiences if gaine a few creepers. Not that I think you are one, but I’ve developed universal precautions so I’m cautious these days 🙂
        I think your poetry is great, and you seem very genuine, two things I like

      3. If you actually speak like that then it is what it is. It just means your articulate and intelligent. I’m okay with that. I just don’t like when people sound like they’re being generic with me considering I’m the complete opposite even with strangers. I understand your hesitation though. Things can very interesting with some people but if you really read my work you know I’m nothing if not a tortured soul failing to find love and happiness. I don’t really time for the creepy stuff. I just like your work. It’s typically deep but it has it’s arousing moments. And, if that picture of you is actually you then you’re also very beautiful so it’s just pluses all the way around. Some would argue that you’re the perfect woman. It’s refeshing to hear that you like my work. I vaguely think I suck. My work just isn’t deep. I sound like a rapper in my poems. Nothing but conversations with myself.

      4. I’m glad you’re okay with intelligent and articulate, 😉
        You don’t like people to be generic with you because you’re not like that even with strangers. I’m not one hundred percent sure I follow, because I’m on the slower side, but here’s this.
        I’ve learned to be reserved from early on, I
        Some things in my childhood history create a guard for me with others initially, not forever, it’s a thing I know about but even though I know doesn’t mean I really know how to remove it nor am I sure I want to.
        I’d like to be blog world friends with you though!
        I think your work has depth though. 🤔 and I’ve been reading you. I feel likes that questioned now. Lol 🤗

      5. I hear you trust me. I’m dying to have an actual conversation with you just not in the comment section. You seem like you have a lot of personal stuff to talk about which explains why you’re so guarded and vague. That’s all completely understandable. I respect that. I wrote something for you. We Should Be Friends 😁

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