These Days


These days it feels like I have nothing else to give
Drinking and meeting women, trying to find a reason to live
I just want a reason to try and stay alive
I’m tired of going through life just trying to survive
Why can’t I just get rich off these poems and photos
Why am I the guy only questionable women know
Still trying out love but it just isn’t the same
Sooner or later I still manage to bring up her name
Vodka and orange juice like it’s summer sixteen
But this time Chris is the one being mean
That’s word to V. Fall, that dude is crazy
But if I ever make it big it’s only because he made me


4 thoughts on “These Days”

  1. I have noticed when I feel depressed the word survival consumes me. If I am having a good day. I’m over here telling everyone they have live and not survive. Keep your head up, soldier! 🙂 Thank you for sharing such an honest piece. You’ll make it one day.

      1. I think you can believe and hope, but what lets us down is expectations. I wish you good vibes on your journey, my friend. I started out wanting to make a living of it and now I am okay just sharing my journey with others. It makes it worth while to see others share the same struggles and triumphs.

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