Former Secret Admirer


I’ve had a lot of people go bad on me because of my words
It’s funny ‘cause people usually act like what I’m saying goes straight to the birds
But I guess I’m not as bad at this as I thought
By why the, back in high school I used to crush on you a lot
There’s still songs from back then that bring you to mind
You were so tall and so damn fine
I remember being jealous of Eric sophomore year
You would sit with us in the mornings to make your intentions clear
You probably don’t remember any of that
I kept quiet back then because I didn’t think you liked guys that were black
Not to mention I was sort of emo and going through phases
Senior year I transferred but I can still see all of your faces
But before I left I remember you dating some light skin
It brought my theory to an end but then the word was you were a freak
But by then I was committed and even more of a geek
Now we’re grown and you have a kid and a career
How the times fly before we know it middle age will be here
But you’re still as just beautiful and amazing as before
As far as high school crushes go there’s not much else I could’ve asked for


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