Former Family


I’m not sure when you’ll see this but this is for you when you do
It’s still all love but I’m disappointed in you
I know we had our indiscretions but we were still friends
You were my sister, you were supposed to be there till the end
And whatever feelings were there were always more yours than mine
But I always knew this day would come so I guess it’s fine
Years of friendship gone for a guy I partially convinced you to like
I know you’ll never give me that credit but I guess it’s alright
You were wrong for this but trust me you’ll have your time
You reap what you sow and this last year I reaped mine
I have this Karma tatt for a reason, enjoy your time in the sun
And remember these words when that day is done
Daddy issues and insecurities still secretly get the best of you
All these changes in identity but do what you gotta do
Things really do change, I guess you were right
I never thought you’d be the one but lately all my days have been like night
There’s a lot I need to tell you but I guess we’re no longer who we were
So in classic Chris fashion, it’s been an honor and a pleasure


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