To My “Dad’s” Side


Drunk textin’ and talkin’ reckless
Meanwhile, you group text about bein’ chosen and blessed
Black Israelites but to what avail
When there’s truths you’re too ashamed to tell
It’s all love, it’s cool, there’s no problem
But you’ve been different every since you heard his version of my problem
There’s no shade just be real with yourself
Just ask me why I’m so intent on killin’ myself
Unwilling to find out why I really went off
But judge me and follow your opinions with a cough
My temper followed by an alleged abortion but it’s all lies
But you know that which is why you refuse to look me in my eyes
It’s all love until I have issues with your unofficial brother
It’s all good until I address the opinions of your caucasian lover
You don’t know how all of this takes a toll on me
But in the event I take 33 pills you’ll all cry for me


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