To You


When I die don’t cry for me
That goes for both of those who loved and hated me
To my mom, I promise this had nothing to do with you
You did everything you could but you didn’t know what I was going through
To Mari, I hope you feel as bad as you look
I hope when he leaves you find yourself just as hurt and shook
To Aven, I’m sorry we couldn’t live happily ever after
Just remember me for all the times I filled you with laughter
To Caity, I know we were never the best of friends
But I loved you as much as I could till the end
To Jasmine, I always thought you were a real one
But you were just another girl when it was all said and done
And last but not least, to myself
I’m sorry I never listened when you said love yourself


One thought on “To You”

  1. ((Chris)) you are can be so overwhelming at times. As it should be.That is what we must go through to find our true selves. What we are truly made of. We all have to go through these arrogant trials.As I have said to you before, you have a million dollar smile! Your smile is a light to give to the world! I wish I could sit and talk with you, I have learned a thing or two in my living! And, I raised a very rebellious son!! Who is now so so awesome and loving! Everything takes time. Diversity is a most welcoming teacher? It holds no racism, no hatred, no hypocrisy, no malice! My wish for you is to long for the amazing outcome of your own freedom to walk your life path as you, and not carry the intrusions that want to bind you, and stifle your spirit! Older age is waiting for you my dear who matters, and it will be holding the biggest hug you have ever known!! Listen to your heart…it will guide you to beautiful places, moments where you belong! And when those monstrous moments come crawling, and take forever to vanish, think of those moments as a hurdle and jump right over them! What’s waiting for you is all that you can possibly be!!😊 Love.

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