White Girl Syndrome


Mental illnesses got me out here doin’ the most
Too old to be a kid but I still see ghosts
I just wanna make America cool again
I just wanna see black people win
Cruisin’ through CO peepin’ all these white girls
Thinking about what’d you think of me if I gave one the world
Talkin’ shit about MLK and praisin’ Malcolm X
But am I hypocrite for loving my privileged white ex
George Bush doesn’t like black people but I don’t love myself
You can relate, be real, be honest with yourself
Steel Reserves to numb the pain and kill my liver
A West and Kardashian mindset to justify my love for her
Her skin is pale but I still can’t get enough
I’m trying to impress her, I hope she likes it rough
I know when word gets out I’ll probably get crucified
As if I’m the only black man Ashley Nicole let inside


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