Dear White People, Let’s Talk Pt.3


All that talk and this is all you had for me
You were better off writing your Scottish poetry
And here I was thinking you were gonna expand my mind
I honestly can’t tell if you’re dumb or blind
You didn’t even respond to what initially offended you
You just did what most passive aggressive white people do
But it’s okay, don’t be ashamed, I’ll gladly help you out
I’ll take it back to what this was really about
“Dear White People” was about being black
And things your “people” still struggle to take back
From the past to the present, the issues go on and on
It’s like your “people” either want us as slaves or dead and gone
Furthermore, please do some research on the meaning of racism
I swear ignorant white people like you are the biggest part of the problem
I’m not really sure how you don’t understand or notice all the clues
But like I said, just take a history class and watch the news


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