What would it take to have a conversation with you
I’ve paid homage and praises, what else do I have to do
I’m not saying it’s true love because that makes you nervous
So what if reality doesn’t agree with us
Am I supposed to keep all these feelings to myself
Am I just supposed to treat you like fake gold on a shelf
What if I want more, what if I want your heart
What if I want the very thing that tears you and him apart
I told you I thought you were perfect and I still believe that
Who cares if your traditional and brown and I’m black
Let’s fight the odds and be no one else but us
It’s not like you’re someone I can’t trust
Having daydreams that may never come true
But to be honest I probably don’t even deserve you
But I’m hoping you stick around long enough to prove me wrong
I’m hoping one day you’re feelings will be close or just as strong


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