Dear White People, Let’s Talk Pt.2


Honestly, I’m honored, really, I’m flattered
But so much for your blogging happily ever after
Dear White People, who’s mans is this
Funny how speaking on race issues gets some of you pissed
But I’ll be damned if I play the victim
Of another white male’s mental problem
You thought I was gonna be Martin at the end of the day
But really I’m Malcolm posted with a verbal AK
34 followers and you decided to come for me
I feel dumb for even responding with my poetry
Rebut us when someone’s seen your face
Until then you should check to see if that weed you’re smoking is laced


21 thoughts on “Dear White People, Let’s Talk Pt.2”

      1. I don’t want attention. I can’t respond in poems, I hope that is alright. I roast hard, just so you know, but I really avoid name calling or swearing at someone. I always link to someone’s work and give them credit. Every time. As you pointed out, I only have 34 followers, but who knows? Maybe one of them will jump over?

      2. I don’t want the attention for attention’s sake but for people to see a real conversation on these views and issues. I won’t disrespect you either. I’ll show you respect and honor your integrity.

      3. Just do whatever is comfortable. But you have to know where I’m coming from. If you were to replace every “white” with “black”, that is the same outrage I feel. This double standard needs to be met head on. My default position? We are all just…people. But the minute someone wants to cut us up into little groups…I will absolutely sink to that level and join in the fray. And I will win. Because I have every right to defend my heritage and honor my people. Just like anyone else.

      4. Good luck. You’re “people” have a lot answer for from both past and present. But again I will keep it respectful. I look forward to hearing your perspective, maybe I’ll learn somethingz

      5. That doesn’t answer the question. What shortcoming is uniquely attributed to white people? Taking a history class is never a bad idea. Having taught history, I can personally vouch for your advice.

      6. I can’t post on a presupposition of your thoughts. I don’t speak for you. How can I do a rebuttal of your ideas, when they aren’t yours? I don’t care what “the news” says. What shortcoming is uniquely attributed to white people that no other group has done? And discussing stuff in comments is just fine. Readers tend to enjoy it, I find.

      7. I can if you want. “I wasted my time” is not an argument. Do you disagree with any specific point? Or did I cite some number incorrectly? What specifically was inaccurate?

    1. I agree wholeheartedly Tehilayah. If VF uses poetry to express himself, whether or not I like the ideas is irrelevant. He should keep writing, and never stop.

      I may not like his ideas, but I still think they are valuable. What is the point of believing something and not being challenged? VF provides an opposition for me. He can test my beliefs. Maybe that is an unintended consequence of the craft.

      Maybe his art is exactly that…getting someone who doesn’t like an idea to read it…

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