13 Reasons Right


I heard you, I get it, you didn’t like 13 Reasons Why
“It romanticizes and glories suicide
Not to mention there’s so much violence
I watched both seasons and I’ve been mad every since”
So let me get this right, you hate it and for all these reasons
But spent about 26 hours watching both seasons
Let me guess, you grew up some for Christians and conservative
Living the religious American Dream is the only way to live
Sure, you might have a mental illness or two
Sure, growing up things weren’t always the best for you
And maybe that gives you self-righteousness you need
To post your religiously conservative views for everyone to read
Maybe one these white boys you love so much should shoot up your school or facility
Maybe they should beat the shit out you until you can barely see
Maybe you need your life put in danger and roughed up
Maybe then you’ll finally shut all your conservative views the fuck up


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