Queen Mother


Long dark hair and sand brown skin
I can’t tell if you’re a blessing or a sin
Met you in the library back in high school
Back when neither one of us were cool
I was reading Twilight and you were trying to study
But somehow you ended up opening up to me
We had a moment that I never forgot
To this day you still pop up in random thought
We never spoke again and life moved on
You became a mother and I was long gone
But you didn’t give into the life in the city
You became a genius and stayed beyond pretty
Whenever asked about the girls here I still show pictures of you
I’m sorry if that’s weird but there’s just no getting better than you


6 thoughts on “Queen Mother”

    1. Okay so, god as my witness, I thought about you like two days ago. I was thinking about blogs I actually read and was like, “where the F has she been”. Then you posted your last post and I was like, “Oh she’s still out there”. Lol I was gonna leave a comment on your post but I felt like it’d be too cheesy but now it’s late and I don’t give a fuck. You can believe me or not. Lol

      1. I know!!! Honestly life has been hectic as hell. But now I have a lot more time for myself. I’m glad I still have some followers after being MIA for a cool minute. 😌

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